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06 February 2006

Biography: Emcee Jesz

Emcee Jesz, the music producer and lyricist began to rap at the age of 18.with the emphasis on originality and creativity of Emcee Jesz,Yogi B lured him into Natchatra.  The famous group Yogi B and Natchatra was born.Their first album called Vallavan was hot demand. Madai Thiranthu and Indian Girls from this album was immediate and momentous blockbuster around the world. 

The overnight success of Vallavan rocked the Tamil rap industry around the world, making Emcee Jesz one of the biggest music wonder story of 2006. Later, Emcee Jesz work closely with all the big music directors from india and this took him to the next level as he appeared in Kollywood Tamil cinema silver screen for the soundtracks that he performed which is for the movie, Kuruvi, Laadam, 16 Days and Masilamani.

Two years later, the most wanted International Tamil Hip Hop album 'Kavithai Gunder' by Emcee Jesz was released on 25th May 2009 in Chennai, india. For first time ever, Studio 8 production has signed our very own Malaysian rap superstar, Emcee Jesz for the album kavithai gunder and this has set another Malaysian Tamil music record. Emcee Jesz was the first Malaysian artist to get signed with a major label from India. In 10th October 2009, Emcee Jesz won the most Popular Artiste Award organized by the number 1 Malaysian Tamil radio station THR Raaga.

Emcee Jesz has performed in many concerts and shows all around the places and performing still for all major shows, tv, media and radio channels from Malaysia, india, Singapore and Sri Lanka. He also performed in London, Toronto and Chicago.

On the other side of his achievement, Emcee Jesz has got more than 3 million hits on youtube for his songs. Til to this date, emcee jesz has recorded 11 soundtracks for Kollywood silver screen movies in India.